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Weekly schedule

Sat: Dark Hole + Bossam: Steal the Fate + Mine

Sun: Running Man + The Return of Superman + Bossam: Steal the Fate + Mine





Fri: Dark Hole + Imitation 

 a List of upcoming dramas I'm looking forward to~



The factors I consider in my rating system: Acting, Character, Story, Plot development and of course Personal Preferences ;p

I'm an emotional rater but I know what and why I liked something

  • 10: amazing, I had a lot of fun watching it
  • 9s: it could've been better but still fun
  • 8s: it was fun, but lacking
  • 7s: lacking but not bad
  • 6s: why
  • 5s: waste of time, fast watch
  • 4-2s: honestly WHY
  • 1s:  either the plot, the acting or the characters just annoyed me

My Likes
My Dislikes
Layered Characters
Shallow/Cliche Characters
Female Centered Plots
Female Characters Used to Make The ML Shine
Unique Stories
Extreme Makjang Full of Random Twists
Sweet Romance
Cliche Romance
Slice Of Life
*Boring All-Talk-No-Action 
Great Acting
*Popular Actors

*ie the characters just talk and talk and talk without solid emotions 

*ie actors that keep getting roles without solid acting, not to be confused with popular actors that can act.


❁ The 1st time I saw EXO was on 30/5/2013 aka Wolf era and I wanna say I stanned them right away ;)

❁ The moment I knew Lay is my ultimate bias was during shimdhimtapa 25/8/2013, I couldn't resist his smile  (though the date might be different for subbing reasons ;p)


❁ Some of my Favorite Dramas:

                                     Mr. Sunshine                                                                                         Circle 

                        It's Okay to Not Be Okay                                                                ✿ Hotel del Luna 

                                   Be Melodramatic ✿                                                                      Search: WWW 

                                 ✿ Woman of Dignity ✿                                                                      ✿ Angry Mom ✿        

                         ✿ Spring Turns to Spring ✿                                                                          ✿ My Mister

                                          ✿ Memory                                                                           The Tale of Nokdu

                                   Nobody Knows                                                                                      Live ✿                  


- The short version of how I became a kdrama fan: I came across Skip Beat in late 2012... I fell in love with the story and Kyoko, so I watched the anime and later the live action drama

And so, in the drama I found Siwon and Doghae, probably in April 2013, , both guys were perfect as their characters, and through them I found out about Super Junior..

basically, I watched more of Siwon’s dramas/variety shows and I never looked back ;p


- The short version of how I became a kpop fan: I became a Super Junior fan almost immediately, and soon after, the members posted about their hobaes "EXO" on sns, and well I never looked back then either ;p


❁ My Favorite groups:

                                            EXO ✿                                                                                          Super Junior 

plus more like, SPEED, XYDO, Vincent Blue, TEN, Red Velvet and many others....
my music taste mostly consists of kpop, k.ballads, k.r&b, opera, Anastacia, Kelly Clarkson and Pink..



‘Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.’ 



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