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Find Yourself chinese drama review
Find Yourself
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by Rara
14 days ago
41 of 42 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
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To Find Yourself, Think of Yourself - socrates

This drama started with an issue of a 32-years-old career women who doesn't have experience in dating.
Her first love promised to get married in future, but it fell right after they met again after years.

The FL, He Fan Xing, is the oldest daughter in family- even tho she has twin brother, but she's more mature than her twin. When they are younger, her twin brother, He Can Yang, doesn't let any guy to get closer to her until no one wanted to get close her. She is definitely has zero experience in dating. So, her mind and act is easily read by others.
Fang Xin is like an earth. She has everything like beauty, career, money and loving family. But she also has gravity and magnetic force fields, so she make sure everything she does, doesn't effect everyone around her.

The ML, Yuan Song, is an intern who brought by Fang Xing because of her brother asked her. At first, Yuan Song is kind of troublemaker and like to tease her after he started to get know her true--of course, it's also because her brother always sharing about how weird his twin sister to him. He found Fang Xing is mature yet innocent, so he attracted to her charm.
His character like a wind, sometimes calm sometimes not, transparent and running towards his dream.

Their three months relationship may not shown much because it's not only focused on main lead relationship. But I can say they are happy during the three months. It shown how much Yuan Song loved her and how Fang Xin cared for him even after the break up.

The SML, Ye Lu Ming, may be bit sneaky and ambitious. After he successed separated Fang Xin and Yuan Song, he always understimated Yuan Song. He feel he has win over him (after lose to him at first). Like, he wanted a limited edition bag but someone buy before you right in front of your eyes, you may do everything to get the bag. He is like a fire.
But, I can see he is not evil. He is good towards his niece and family, but also a fool for love. He sometimes creep me out because he was like popped out nowhere around Fang Xin.

Actually, I can understand why Fang Xin is very careful with her relationship with Yuan Song. She is 10 years older, and Yuan Song is her brother's student. As women, it is very sensitive matter. She doesn't want especially her family being talked in town after the topic she WAS 32 and UNMARRIED. She also doesn't want to hold Yuan Song, who is handsome. rich and have bright future and of course YOUNG. Whilst, Yuan Song feel insecure because he JUST graduated and an intern in Fang Xin's company. while the opponent is successful.
This matter worsened by Lu Ming's advices, which is turn out to be their break up.

Honestly, the story get better after the break up. I like how Yuan Song trying to fight his girl back, with raise his own value. Yuan Song know exactly what he want to do. And honestly I tired seeing Fang Xin always rejected him by her own stupid mindset. It was fine, I thought I understanding her until I watched Episode 38. I hate this kind of turn the most. I mean, Yuan Song finally can get over her but she doesn't want it! I really annoyed by it so I rated down my score. But overall, it was good drama to watch.

Just like the title of drama, they need to Find Theyselves and what they really wants before others.

This drama also is not just about their triangle love story. It also shown many relateable issues and heartwarming family, friends, and collegues. The jokes also cracked me up especially with Can Yang's antics.
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