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Doom at Your Service korean drama review
Ongoing 3/16
Doom at Your Service
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by _thegreenmatcha
3 days ago
3 of 16 episodes seen
Ongoing 2
Overall 2.0
Story 2.0
Acting/Cast 3.0
Music 4.0
Rewatch Value 1.0

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The major gripe about the show is the stilted and dry dialogue. You cannot have an interesting storyline, cohesive plot, engaging interaction if the dialogue between characters reads like cryptic codes or flowery proses that does not mean much, or it means too much without any depth.

Park Bo Young is a brilliant actress but her tv project roles are a boorish snooze fest. The story has potential, but it is overstuffed with tropes and clichés from Doom & Dong Kyung first encounter to their soon to be romance relationship. The biggest nitpick about the main character Tak Dong Kyung is she falls into the trap of the “pitiful woman” who is bombarded with 100 pitfalls in the first 30 minutes of episode 1. She is diagnosed with terminal illness in which she only lives for 3 months, is ambushed & assaulted by her cheating boyfriend’s wife who is pregnant, gets yelled at by her misogynistic boss with no one to defend her, a pervert films her on a train, and she gets soaked in the rain walking home alone. Not only that, but she is also an orphan who has an annoying money begging brother. The writer wants the audience to sympathize with her plight by having all these mishaps happen to her all at once, but the execution lacks nuance and an emotional core. I am supposed to feel sorry for her, but I am simply underwhelmed by the writing.

Doom, played by Seo In Guk, is a god who lacks interest in human affairs unless it benefits him by bounding himself to humans’ desire/wishes with a contract. All he does is walk around places and enter his lavishing home as he pleases. His face reads like he’s bored stiff & annoyed. Doom & Do Kyung’s ‘romance’ is not believable one bit. They don’t even have a decent interaction or any development between the two. There’s no connection. How does she suddenly plan to love Doom whether it’s sincere or if it’s some sort of loophole to work around the contract that’s placed on her? Even the secondary characters are bored stiff to watch. The story is uneventful and certain characters feels out of place & downright uninteresting onscreen in terms of acting. The tone of the drama is mundane. It lacks energy & direction.

The visual effects are nice along with the set design, specifically Doom's house. It's has a traditional interior that is befitting to Doom's personality. Although pleasant to look at, it’s pretty colorless just like the drama itself.

This drama is like cotton candy. It looks and taste good but that immense feeling disappears quickly & it is bad for your teeth. If aesthetic is a factor for you to enjoy a drama, you might find this pleasing to watch but if you want a story with more substance and polished, you might have to look somewhere else.
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