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Court Lady chinese drama review
Dropped 40/55
Court Lady
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by Lashey
3 days ago
40 of 55 episodes seen
Dropped 2
Overall 6.0
Story 5.5
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 6.0
Rewatch Value 5.5
First and foremost this is just my opinion so...
I started watching it because I'm a fan of xu Kai and yi tong and was awaiting some weird palace stuff..
What I didn't like.
1. I wish it was shorter. It started out well, the banter, the comedy, the chemistry of some actors. It was all beautiful but somewhere along the line I kept on rewinding back to the beginning of the episode because I wasn't as immersed as before. This shows that something went wrong with the script writing along the way
2. It's 2021 and we still have the dragging of misunderstandings that well as the viewer I'm like SERIOUSLY! again but I guess that's part of the whole drama I wish it didn't drag out as much! Like the xinnans marriage dilemma like what even???
Misunderstanding between the mL and FL by the time I was dropping it they were still at odds.
The whole palace drama shenanigans and schemings, I enjoy a good scheme but honestly this was too much one after another after another. People were dropping like flies, honestly I don't even want to add on the fact that it seemed the villains were fighting to see who would have the worst best schemes to annoy the audience.
3. The leads become supporting characters like how??? For example xu Kai gets like 5 min per episode!!( Exaggeration but that's how it felt like). Just like they gave too much attention to wen you and FL in the moon brightens for but that's another story.
1. XU Kai and his family.loved it enjoyed their chemistry especially with his brothers it was nice to watch.
2. chumu growing up and becoming a general. His fighting scenes were interesting to watch. favourite girl who saw the good in everyone even the evil uncle!! Ying Ying, I actually enjoyed watching her.
4. Music wasn't that bad.
5.some plot twists were unexpected at least that gave it it's 'moments'

Apart from the leads who ended up being support roles at some point did their part but I wish Fu rou was flexible with her character she kind of flatlined at some point halfway.
The crown Prince even though his character was annoying as a fly , his acting actually surprised me..
The empress aargh have no words her own worst enemy.
All villains did their villainy and for me to actually dislike them they must have done something wrong or right can't really say.

Well, it shouldn't have been called court lady rather palace schemes, or villains almost win.. cause the romance between the leads was like ten episodes or so.. I didnt even finish it and I'll just assume that it was rushed in the end or something wasn't satisfactory.
Would I recommend? If you are a fan of xu Kai and li yi tong sure and enjoy villains fighting for who is bad , palace shenanigans and historical dramas sure try it but for me I was really disappointed.

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