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No Boundary Season 2 chinese drama review
No Boundary Season 2
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by Fyren
3 days ago
20 of 20 episodes seen
Overall 9.5
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
This review may contain spoilers

Watch Season 1 first, Season 2 is worth it ---Spoilers at bottom---

I enjoyed Season 1, so I was excited when I saw Season 2 was released.

Although I wasn't a huge fan of the Abyss plot for some reason, I loved all of the characters. I didn't fast-forward, but I was tempted to a few times. I don't know why I didn't enjoy that arc that much. When the abyss arc ended, things started to get epic and I was so pumped. The last few episodes made me sweat, heart pumping and emotional. The fight scenes were awesome, CGI was nothing out of this world but still enjoyable.

I was surprised by the villain because Season 1 had you think differently & the actor Gardner Tse, you could see veins popping out and emotions everywhere! My opinion on Wengu is the same as Season 1, I don't like him. No hate to the actor, I just didn't like the character. Hong Luan didn't leave any impression on me either, she just reminds me of the bird Sui He from Ashes of Love because of the actress except she's not evil. Duanmu Cui was probably my favorite out of all of them, the actress Zhang Yi Shang is absolutely beautiful and her acting is great! I liked Darren Chen as Zhan Yan, his crying scenes in this Season got my heart tugged a little. The actor of Shangguan Ce, Yang Ze was very good at crying, ouch my heart!! Might I say that the actor of Gu Chang has a very cute face, and his character toward the end of the abyss arc was soooo much better that I started to like him and then... Well... Fate is cruel, lol. Also, where is his name on the Cast list? I wanna find more about him.

This Season was more about hugs and sweet lines, which I can live with. Didn't really like Hong Luan & Wengu, didn't feel anything for them. Darren Chen & Zhang Yi Shang had awesome chemistry, it was so cute. I actually found the very small side couple Zhang Long (Wang Yi Nuo) & Zhao Wu (not on the Cast list?) to be quite cute, wish there was more of them and less of Hong Luan & Wengu, lol.

The music is stuck in my head because it was used so many times, especially "不才/ 栗錦(Bu Cai / Li Jin) - 白首同倦(Bai Shou Tong Juan)" .. Added to my Music Playlist!! I wish some of the instrumental music used during the sad scenes & fighting scenes was available, they were really cool too!

----- Spoilers!!! -----
My face when Duanmu Cui got white hair. WOAH. She was STUNNING!!! The scene itself was breathtaking. They loved the tear-jerking moments in this Season, huh? Deaths everywhere!!! I was sad about He Xue (incredibly minor character) but couldn't help but laugh at her "death scene" , what the heck was that? Anyway, Shangguan Ce deserved to be happy too! :(

PS. I'll probably have Duanmu Cui shouting "Zhan Yan!" in my head like a record, kinda like how Xuan Ji shouts "Si Feng!" LMAO.
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