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cynic, a critic and a hedonist.

This is not Tinder.

I don't care if you don't like me. 

It's better to be crazy and original than ordinary and well-liked.

Long ago, in a faraway land, I used to 'watch' K-dramas (ugh, thanks to my mum *eye-roll*), but truly, most dramas are the same; there's not much to it. Currently, I 'watch' dramas with my boyfriend (incessant beckoning *eye-roll*). I'm mainly using this site's algorithm to try and find shows that will result in a less pissed off me. Yes, that is me. Yes, I'm ethnically Chinese and so is my boyfriend, which is why, presently, we tackle C-dramas. As a PhD student, I have little time to spare which means I do not truly watch dramas. The shows mainly serve as background noise while I work on my data analyses and writing. 

我就是一个冷冰冰的人. 那又如何?    ( ..•˘___˘• .. )


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