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K-Actor Whose Drama Has Topped MDL's 10 Most Popular, Ranked

Please only vote for the Korean male actors that have acted either the ML or SML role in the drama, thank you.

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Bring out the tissues, most emotional ride airing 2020-2021

I get so emotional baby... every time I think of you... We have listed the dramas that made us angry, hungry, fall in love, cry laugh and even fall in to the agony of SLS as well as those who kept us on our toes, but you know what I realized, that new dramas keep on coming and may not have a chance on an old list so here is one a little bit more time specific and emotional. This list is for those of us who like to feel something, yes just about anything while watching a drama or movie and want to find those   made in collaboration with the tissue industry bringing out all kinds of tears awakening you empathetic side and sending you of on an emotional ride.So lets do this together and find all those great emotional roller coasters out there. Help me list the dramas and movies airing 2020 and 2021 that awoken emotions you did not know you needed to let out, making you feel a range of emotions moistening your ayes and making it heard to hold back the tears.  Do not hesitate share thoughts about the dramas you chose in the comment section, just don't forget to tag for spoilers if you think it may have a spoiler (tip: you add a second comment under it naming the drama ) don't forget to be respectful and don't judge the dramas others listed.* To add a drama just start writing the title in the box at the bottom of the list marked is something missing.* You can  add and vote up to 20 times in this list. * Please refrain from judging others contributions to the list, * Contributions airing earlier then 2020 will be removed from the list. Thank you for contributing and voting! Don't forget the tissuesAnd yes it was most probably inspired by Move to heaven... But no I am not a Move to heaven bot

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Top 10 Most Handsome Thai Men in Drama

Top 10 most Handsome Men in Thai Drama

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What romance drama should I watch next?

I’m trying to figure out which of these romance dramas I should start next. More can be added 

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Healthy Mains’ Relationship

Healthy Mains’ Relationship, as inspired by Cho Na’s article “Exploring Healthy Relationship in Forever Love.” The relationship between the Main Leads is respectful, kind, honest, safe, and indubitable. There is no push-pull, no complacency toward interlopers, no coercion (subtle or overt), and no Stockholm Syndrome by either Main Lead. I’d say take a look the article again to get a better understanding of what HEALTHY should look like!!

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Best Soulmate Pairings: Couples that were just meant to be

“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.” (Kiersten White, The Chaos of Stars)Voting for dramas with a main pairing whose relationship you felt was so profound, these two were destined to be soulmates. There's no restriction on genre or gender - these are dramas where the main couple left you feeling, like the above quote, that they were just meant to be.To avoid duplications, please only focus on the main couple in the drama. Feel free to add shows and comment on why you felt this way about the couple. Please remember to use spoiler tags if you're leaving a spoiler comment, be respectful and have fun voting!

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Overrated Korean dramas

This list is for the Korean dramas I found very overrated  (due to the popular main leads in general ) and I ended by dropping /barely finishing them . What do you think ?? 

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K-Dramas in the Elite Club of 100K+ Viewership, Ranked

A range of viewership between 95K-100K+ is allowed. This list is monitored.

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