Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a community-based project which provides Asian drama & movie fans a site where they can create their very own drama watchlists (example), rate dramas and films, write reviews and make recommendations, discover new dramas/movies to watch,  discuss dramas and movies with other like-minded people, and make friends all while having tons of fun.

How can I create an account? Is it free? 

It’s simple, just go here and sign up. Yes, registering and using is completely free!

What's the VIP program?

Our VIP program is where users can help support the site financially in return for a few extra features [including an ad-free experience, custom themes for their watchlist [example], and early access to new features.]

What can I do as a user of MDL? 

Some of the things you can do are: 

  • Make a DramaList (Example)

  • Make a Custom list of Dramas/Movies/Actors (Example)

  • Write Reviews (Example)

  • Make Recommendations (Example)

  • Have a newsfeed where your friends can view what you're watching, as well as any other posts you write. This is similar to Facebook's newsfeed feature but geared more towards fans of Asian Dramas and films.

  • Help make our Drama/Movie/Actor Database better by filling out missing information or adding a new drama or movie that has just been announced.

  • Discuss Dramas/Movies/Actors/everything else with English Speaking fans worldwide!

  • Make new friends who love Asian dramas, movies, and certain actors just as much as you do!

I can’t find this Drama/Movie/Actor on MyDramaList? Can someone add it?

 The good news is that since MDL is a community website, all it takes is for one user to add that drama/movie/person. And that user can be you!

To add a Drama/Movie/Person, go up to the top bar, hover over Shows/Movies/People and click "Add New Title" or "Add New Person." Fill out the required information on the page and then press 'Submit.' In the next couple of hours, a staff member will go through the application and either approve it or reject it. Reasons, why your Drama/Movie/Actor may have been rejected, can be found below.

Why was my Drama/Movie/Actor rejected?

Usually, when a Drama/Movie/Actor is rejected, our moderators will send you a private message with the reason why it was rejected. However, here are some common reasons as to why a title or actor may have been rejected:

  • The Drama/Movie/Actor is already on MDL under either the name you submitted it or another name it is more commonly known as.

  • The Drama/Movie/Actor was not from Japan/Korea/چین/Hong Kong/تایوان/تایلند/Philippines. In the case of actors, we do allow actors who are from other countries, but only those who are active in dramas or movies from the 7 countries we allow.

  • Inappropriate Content. While we are a database for Dramas/Movies/Actors, we are not a database for pornography. We do allow films and dramas with graphic nudity or sex scenes, but not straight-up pornographic films. 

Can I watch or download Dramas/Movies on MyDramaList.Com?
The answer to both these questions is no. Instead, we showcase some of the licensed platforms where you can watch the dramas or films.

How do I add a Drama/Movie on my watchlist? There are several places where you can add a Drama/Movie to your list: 

  • When you're on an actual Drama or Movie page like this one, you simply click the "Add to List" button to the right of the "Buy on Amazon" button. [Shown boxed in red in the picture above.]

  • On the Drama/Movie Index Page, you would click the add button that is located to the right of the Drama/Movie title. [Shown boxed in red in the picture above.]

  • On an Actor page [e.g. Lee Je Hoon], to the right of every drama or movie is the word "add". By clicking on that, then filling out the required information, you can add the title to your list.

How can I share on the feeds that I watched a drama episode or a movie?

When you're adding a new drama to your list, or updating the one you're currently watching by pressing either the "Add" or “Edit” buttons, a pop-up window will appear.  In the pop-up window, after filling out the required information, you must click on the 'MDL' button in the “Share on” section, so that it highlighted in blue. Now once you click on “Update entry”, your update will be posted to the feeds and all your friends will be able to see that you've watched it. 

How can I add favorites to my profile? 

To add favorite Dramas/Movies/Actors to your profile, you need to go to your profile page. Once there, click on the list tab - > click on the Favorite Actors or Favorite Movies or Favorite Dramas -> Search for the dramas, movies, or actors that you want -> Click 'Save List.'

You can add as many favorite Dramas, Movies, or Actors as you want onto your lists, however, on your profile, it'll only show your favorite 5 of each category. 

How come so and so drama/movie isn’t ranked first on Most Popular/Highest Rated? It's my favorite! Our Dramas and Movies are ranked using a complex algorithm that takes into account several things including how many people added the drama to their list, what they rated it, # of comments, recommendations, reviews and a lot more!

Why do you only have Korean/Japanese/Chinese/Hong Kong/تایوانese/Thai/Filipino dramas and movies? Please add Indian/Turkish/Vietnamese/etc dramas and movies! I love them!

Despite only having 7 countries, we currently feel that there are still enough actors/movies/dramas missing from our databases, especially from less popular territories like Hong Kong or تایلند. Once we feel like we have a large number of the Dramas/Movies/Actors from these 7 countries, we will then consider adding another country. The goal is to have a complete database from the countries we do have, instead of a incomplete database for 20+ countries. 

I have an idea for a feature!

 We'd love to hear it! If you have any suggestions or ideas on ways to improve MyDramaList, head on over to our Suggestions Forum. Create a new topic explaining (in as much detail as possible) what your idea is and how it'd improve MyDramaList. Thanks for helping out!

How can I delete my account?

In order to remove your account, click here and deactivate your account.  After 30 days of inactivity, the account will be deleted.