ستاره کره
I don't know if this was posted before but I just came up with an idea for a fun alphabet game for those of us who love Asian dramas/movies. It's pretty simple, you just write down a drama/movie starting with any number followed by A-Z in that order. For example...

First person: 38 Task Force
Second person: A Werewolf Boy
Third person: Beautiful Gongshim
Fourth person: Cinderella and the Four Knights 
all the way to Z...and then repeats starting with any # then A-Z.


Rules of this game:
1) lists must be in order starting with a # drama/movie before alphabet starts
2) the drama must be from your Currently Watching and Completed list only, exceptions can be made for On-Hold and Dropped list (see #3)
3) with On-Hold and Dropped list, you have to at least watched 1 episode in order for it to qualify in the game. 
4) you can use alternative names of a drama/movie for different alphabets (For example, Reply 1997 for R, and Answer Me 1997 for A)
5) Just reiterating what I've said above, you can only put down a drama/movie that you've at least watched 1 episode of. You CAN'T list anything from your Plan-to-watch list.
6) Feel free to add comments next to the drama you listed (e.g. if you'd recommend it, love it or hate it), you can also have fun posting pics/gifs/videos if you want!
7) if you only have one drama for a letter and that letter came back to you again in your next turn, you can use the same drama again. :)
Okay, simple right? I'll start off with a number first. The next person below me will continue with the letter A. Have fun guys!

# - 1 Litre of Tears
K - Kill Me, Heal Me
M - My love EunDong
N - Nine: Nine Times Time Travel